Kung-fu 03232013:Chop stick: kungfu-CCTVOfficial Channel

Kung-fu 03232013:Chop stick: kungfu-CCTVOfficial Channelkungfu-CCTVOfficial Channel

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【kung fu】官方频道 持续更新中
1单手抢劈棍2提膝把劈棍3弓步抡劈棍4弓步背棍5挑把棍6转身马步戳棍7踢腿撩棍8­弓步拉棍.中国功夫也称中国武术,是以技击为主要内容,以套路和搏斗为运动形式,注重­内外兼修的中国传统体育项目,是中国人民长期积累起来的一宗宝贵文化遗产。The 1 single chop stick snatched 2 knee lifting split the stick 3 lunges Lun splitting stick 4 lunges back stick 5 pick stick 6 turned horse poke cudgel 7 kick up stick 8 lunge pull rod.Chinese Kung Fu is also called Chinese martial arts, is to attack and the main content, the movement form of routines and struggle, Chinese traditional sports on the inside and outside, is China’s long-term accumulation of a valuable cultural heritage.