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Kung-fu 04172013 nunchakus kungfu-CCTVOfficial Channel
kungfu-CCTVOfficial Channel

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双手擎天势双手擎天势是使用最多的姿势,攻击和防守都适合,上挑下砸,左拦右格,劈打­搅扫,进退攻守,均较胜于其它姿势。双手擎天势是自然姿势(右势),右足在前,’左足­在后,前后路线拉开,比肩稍宽,右脚向前一步,脚尖内扣,然后将左脚横放,脚跟略抬,­双膝微曲,上体侧对敌方。中国功夫也称中国武术,是以技击为主要内容,以套路和搏斗为­运动形式,注重内外兼修的中国传统体育项目,是中国人民长期积累起来的一宗宝贵文化遗­产。Hands Qingtian potential hands Qingtian potential is the most used posture, attack and defense are suitable, look up, left right stop lattice, splitting disturb sweep, and offensive and defensive, are more than the other. Hands up potential is a natural position (right potential), right foot in front, ‚left foot after, before and after the line opened, a bit wider than the shoulder, step forward with the right foot, toes button, and then left side, heel lift, knees slightly bent, upper body side of the enemy.Chinese Kung Fu is also called Chinese martial arts, is to attack and the main content, the movement form of routines and struggle, Chinese traditional sports on the inside and outside, is China’s long-term accumulation of a valuable cultural heritage.